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Who we are

We are a research group in the field of Biophysics and Physical Chemistry with a focus on ultrafast laser spectrosocpy. We are located at the Biophysics Insitute of the University of Frankfurt at the rapidly evolving Science Campus Riedberg. Corresponding to the interdisciplinary nature of our research, members of our group have very diverse backgrounds. Students and PostDocs from chemistry, physics, biology, biophysics, biochemistry and material science have been working in our lab.

What we do

We investigate molecular structure, dynamics and interactions giving rise to exciting phenomena at the intersection of chemistry, physics and biology. To this end we develop novel spectroscopic techniques that combine structure sensitivity with high time resolution. Many experiments are based on transient multidimensional infrared spectroscopy and the use of non-canonical amino acids as tools for studying protein biophysics.

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PhD positions and PostDoc positions are frequently available. Please get also in touch for our Bachelor and Master project. Contact Jens Bredenbeck for details. Read here about what the work in our group is like.